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      Haimen Hydraulic Component Factory Co., Ltd. is one of the key designated production enterprise appointed by the Ministry of Machinery Industry to produce hydraulic parts and hydraulic control systems and also a high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province. With an annual output of 120,000 hydraulic valves and over 2,500 sets of hydraulic control devices, it is also the factory that has the biggest output of overlapped valves. Among those products, the overlapped valve products have been listed as Class-A product by the government, and can interchange with the same kind products from Germany REXROTH, American VICKERS and Japan JUKEN. Some of the products have filled the blank of the market in China and been sold to the regions all over the country, and some have been exported to the Southeast Asia and West-Europe markets, enjoying a high reputation in the industry and among the customers.

      Haimen Hydraulic Component Factory Co., Ltd. is located at the north bank of Yangtze River Delta, facing developed Shanghai across the river, with convenient transportation and good circumstances for industrial development. Welcome to contact us.
      Our main products:
        1. Overlapped valve: One of the main products, with an annual output of 60,000-80,000 pieces, a full series of products in 4 different sizes (6, 10, 16, 20), 53 varieties and 162 specifications. The connecting dimension is in conformity with the international standard, and can interchange with the same kind products from REXROTH, VICKERS and JUKEN.
      ? 2. Plate valve: Developed on the basis of the same kind domestic product, installation dimension in conformity with ISO standard, available to interchange with the same kind products from REXROTH, VICKERS.
      ? 3. Electro-hydraulic and electro-magnetic directional valve: Union Design and new model series valves, and full series of REXROTH directional valves
      ? 4. Cartridge valve: series products in 8 sizes (16、25、32、40、50、63、80、100).
      ? 5. Hydraulic control system: Widely work in with modular machine tool, metallurgical machinery, rubber and plastic machinery, engineering machinery, carpentry machinery, forestry machinery, chemical industry machinery, marine machinery and automation production line. We can also design and manufacture special hydraulic control systems according to customer demands.
      Hydraulic system
      Modular Machine Tool Industry
      Building Materials Machinery...
      Rubber and Plastic Machinery...
      MDF Machinery Industry
      Non-standard Machine Tool...
      Ship Machinery Industry
      Cement Machinery Industry
      Solar Power Industry
      Metal Forming Machinery Industry
      Metallurgical Machinery Industry
      Anchor Chain Machinery Industry
      Reaping Machine
      Hydraulic Components
      Hydraulic Accessories
      Hydraulic Cylinder
      Hydraulic Pump
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