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      Vision: Offer opportunities to make success to our employees and satisfying service to our customers.

      In the future, Haimen Hydraulic Component Factory Co., Ltd will adhere to the core values of “Credible, Professional, Innovative, Passionate, Cooperative”, continue to provide our customers with better products and efficient services, and make new contribution to the need of lubrication and the development of the society. Haimen Hydraulic Component Factory welcomes your visits.

      Objective: Be a model enterprise in the industry

      Business Philosophy: Cooperation, Friendship, Win-win and Development

      Friendship: To develop friendship and establish good reputation in doing business and cooperation, to expand business and strengthen cooperation on the basis of friendship and credit.

      Win-win: To create values for clients by first-class products and services, to achieve mutual benefit and realize win-win.

      Development: To pursue harmony in a long-term view, to realize balanced development with partners, clients, society and environment.

      Talent Concept: One should have both political integrity and ability, but attach more importance to the political integrity.

      The attitude towards work and the work quality are the starting points to realize dignity and value.
      Being success brings along high position, fortune and achievement, and also the value and meaning of existence.

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